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A Smugglerific Cover: Hunting Monsters by S. L. Huang

Today we unveiled the cover of Book Smugglers Publishing’s very first short story! 

Both of us were blown away upon our first read of Hunting Monsters. A story that combines elements of popular fables such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Red Riding Hood”, S.L. Huang’s version cleverly subverts these classic fairy tales by integrating an unexpected love story, a powerful mother-daughter relationship, and a rich historical fantasy setting.

We eventually chose to publish Hunting Monsters because it’s a powerful coming of age story of a young girl grappling with the fact that her mothers have secret lives and a history of their own. Also, because it’s a story about monsters – the different faces they assume and the complications in dealing with them.

S.L. Huang wrote an incredibly beautiful, raw story that resonates powerfully with us every time we read it. We are honored to publish Hunting Monsters… and we hope you will enjoy it, too.

More about the story, pre-order links and publishing date HERE.

love this cover!



We’re trying to get ready for New York Comic-Con, but Indiana Jones has other plans for our tablecloths.

We’re getting ready! Are you?

Indiana Jones is the best name for a cat. 

These festivals, whether food truck showcases or judged cooking competitions, are not concerned with creating a sense of community. They may even obscure the artistry of the participating chefs. They proudly revel in the relentless, boorish stuffing of faces, unchecked public intoxication, and wasteful excess.
Is it possible that young adult novels are supremely popular not because we are a culture of infantilised idiots, but because they are the best guide we have to the dysfunctional reality of adult life?


Self confidence

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